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Xlock Angle Grinders - Easy installing and removing the accessories in one step . Improve your work efficiency and work environment!
- Abrasive Grinding and Thin Cutting wheel for X-Lock Grinders
- No burn mark and bur
- Less Vibration
X-LOCK mechanism ensures that the accessory is properly mounted to the tool without a nut, flange or spanner and cannot be mounted incorrectly. 115mm and 125mm X-lock wheels are also compatible with conventional angle grinders
X-Lock Thin Cutting Wheels
Size (mm) Grit RPM Part No.
115×1.2×22.23mm A60T (Inox) - Mild Steel 13,300 E-00387
125×1.2×22.23mm A60T (Inox) - Mild Steel 12,250 E-00418
X-Lock Depressed Center Grinding Wheels
Size (mm) Grit RPM Part No.
115×6.0×22.23mm A36P - Metal 13,300 E-00365
125×6.0×22.23mm A36P - Metal 12,250 E-00393