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small hand tools
Shock Driver
Makita shock driver is very useful tool which is able to be used as a regular hand driver and a shock driver when you work on the stripped screw.
Size Length Part No.
PH2 125mm B-42438
Ratchet screwdriver
With screw bit 25mm (PH2)x1pcs.
Ratchet handle function is applied (clockwise and anticlockwise is possible).
Suitable for car maintenance, interior decoration, repair room, DIY etc.
  Part No.
11 pcs Ratchet Screwdriver Pouch
Description Size (mm) Part no.
7 pcs - 50mm screwdriver bits sizes 4pcs Phillips bits: 1pc of PH1
2pc of PH2
1pc of PH3
3pcs Slotted bits 1pc of 5/32, 1pc of 3/16,
1pc of 1/4
1 pc - Speed Handle -
1pc - PH2 screwdriver bit 25mm
1pc - Magnetic extension bar 80mm
1pc - Magnetic quick change hex chuck -
Snap-off knife
This snap-off knife is suitable for DIY user, repair shop, interior decoration, etc. It contains 7spare blades inside the body plus the preinstalled blade on the body (total 8pcs blades).
  Part No.
LED Pen Light
Compact, light and easy to carry
Application: Repair room, Car maintenance, DIY, etc
Compatibale with AA battery
  Part No.