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Diamond Core Cutters (Dry)  
For SDS-PLUS Machines.
For Model Outer dia (mm) Length (mm) Part No.
Adapted for SDS Plus Hammers 38 175 A-87535
54 175 A-87541
65 175 A-87557
Diamond Core Cutters  
To be used with the Drill Chuck System
For Model Diameter (mm) Effective Length (mm) Part No.
For 2-Speed Impact Drill 22 300 P-25535
28 300 P-25541
Diamond Core Cutters (Dry)  
PRB7 Slotted Body
Model DBM131 - Use with P-49286 Adapter
All 13mm Drill Chucks - Use with P-34562 Adapter
Models HR1830, HR2460, HR2470, HR3000C, - Use with P-30031 Adapter
Outer dia (mm) Length (mm) Part No.
32 150 P-44731
38 150 P-25557
48 150 P-25563
52 150 P-25579
65 150 P-25585
78 150 P-25591
91 150 P-25600
107 150 P-25616
117 150 P-25622
127 150 P-25638
152 150 P-25644
162 150 P-44753
Accessories for Diamond Core Cutters (Dry)  
For Models Part No.
13mm Chuck Adapter-
1/2" BSP male
SDS Plus chuck adaptor- R½
½" BSP Male - Male DBM131 P-49286
Drift Key
(to remove pilot drill)
10mm Pilot Drill A Taper P-34724
Guide Rod P-34746
Spring Point Guide
A Taper
Adaptor Pack- SDS Plus
(Chuck Adapter, Guide Rod,
Drift Key)
Barrel Extension 100mm R½ P-41551
Barrel Extension 300mm R½ P-34718