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Broach Cutter  
Suitable For Short = 25mm Depth
Length (mm)
Part No.
Magnetic Drill Machines 12mm Short (MM)12S
13mm Short (MM)13S
14mm Short (MM)14S
15mm Short (MM)15S
16mm Short (MM)16S
17mm Short (MM)17S
18mm Short (MM)18S
19mm Short (MM)19S
20mm Short (MM)20S
21mm Short (MM)21S
22mm Short (MM)22S
23mm Short (MM)23S
24mm Short (MM)24S
25mm Short (MM)25S
26mm Short (MM)26S
27mm Short (MM)27S
28mm Short (MM)28S
29mm Short (MM)29S
30mm Short (MM)30S
31mm Short (MM)31S
32mm Short (MM)32S
33mm Short (MM)33S
34mm Short (MM)34S
35mm Short (MM)35S
36mm Short (MM)36S
37mm Short (MM)37S
38mm Short (MM)38S
39mm Short (MM)39S
40mm Short (MM)40S
41mm Short (MM)41S
42mm Short (MM)42S
43mm Short (MM)43S
44mm Short (MM)44S
45mm Short (MM)45S
46mm Short (MM)46S
47mm Short (MM)47S
48mm Short (MM)48S
49mm Short (MM)49S
50mm Short (MM)50S
Suitable For Long = 50mm Depth
Length (mm)
Part No.
Magnetic Drill Machines 12mm long (MM)12L
13mm long (MM)13L
14mm long (MM)14L
15mm long (MM)15L
16mm long (MM)16L
17mm long (MM)17L
18mm long (MM)18L
19mm long (MM)19L
20mm long (MM)20L
21mm long (MM)21L
22mm long (MM)22L
23mm long (MM)23L
24mm long (MM)24L
25mm long (MM)25L
26mm long (MM)26L
27mm long (MM)27L
28mm long (MM)28L
29mm long (MM)29L
30mm long (MM)30L
31mm long (MM)31L
32mm long (MM)32L
33mm long (MM)33L
34mm long (MM)34L
35mm long (MM)35L
36mm long (MM)36L
37mm long (MM)37L
38mm long (MM)38L
39mm long (MM)39L
40mm long (MM)40L
41mm long (MM)41L
42mm long (MM)42L
43mm long (MM)43L
44mm long (MM)44L
45mm long (MM)45L
46mm long (MM)46L
47mm long (MM)47L
48mm long (MM)48L
49mm long (MM)49L
50mm long (MM)50L
Broach Cutter pilot pin  
To be used with Broach Cutter
Diameter (mm)   Part No.
25 mm pilot_pin (MM)PILOT S
50 mm (MM)PILOT L