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Drill Stand  
For Model Type   Part No.
DBM131 Diamond Drill
P-40082 P-40082
DBM230 Diamond Drill
P-54190 P-54190
Type 43 Drill Stand Used for
models with neck diameter 43mm
A-36712 A-36712
TB131 Vise Vise (TB)KK00000066
Anchor Systems Set for Diamond Drill Stand  
For Model   Part No.
DBM131, DBM230 Set Includes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 as shown in the figure P-40098
Anchor Systems for Diamond Drill Stand  
For Model Type Part No.
DBM131, DBM230 1. Threaded Rod P-41735
2. Puncher P-40288
3. Expanded fixing P-41741
4. Wing Nut P-41713
Trolley for 30 Kg Hammer
Support the weight in transit
For Model   Part No.
HM1801, HM1810 trolley 791000