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Paper Filter Dry type
• For gentle cleaning by soft-tipped brush
• Application: For all Makita Cordless Cleaner
paper_filter_dry_type For Model Pkg
Part No.
4072D 10 192608-5
4072D 5 194566-1
406, 407 5 A-48430
Powder Filter Dry type
• Long lasting element for clean work
• Application: Dust Extraction
powder_filter For Model Part No.
440 83201BJA
406, 407 A-33548
VC3210LX1 195441-4
Nylon Filter Set
• For tough applications including brick and concrete dust
• Application: Dust Extraction
nylon_filter_set For Model Part No.
406, 407 192605-1
440 83100BJA
Sponge Filter (Polyurethane Filter)
• Use with dust extractor when collecting in wet environment
• Application: Dust collection
sponge_filter For Model Part No.
440 83035BHB