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hole saw
BIM Hole saw for Sheet Metal (Premium Range)
• Heavy duty premium range
• cutting capacity thickness for metal is 0.8-5mm and for stainless is 0.8-2mm
• longer life due to Bi-Metal with 8% Cobalt
Size (mm) Part No.
16 B-29670
19 B-29692
20 B-29701
22 B-29723
25 B-29739
29 B-29751
32 B-29773
35 B-29795
38 B-29804
40 B-29810
51 B-29854
60 B-29882
64 B-29898
65 B-35994
68 B-36011
70 B-36027
76 B-36049
83 B-36061
89 B-36083
102 B-36099
127 B-36108
152 B-36114
Mandrel and Pilot Drill for BIM hole saw (sheet metal)
Type Fits Holesaws Part No.
For 10mm Drill 16-35mm B-36120
For 13mm Drill 38-152mm B-36136
Pilot Drill 60mm long B-36142
Bim Hole saw Assortment (Sheet metal)

Six most common sizes for Plumber & Electrician.
9.5/11mm Adapters with 1pcs of pilot drill

Included Holesaw (1 each) Part no
20,25,32,38,51,64mm B-38679
19,22,29,38,44,57mm B-38663