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Trolley Kit
Used with Power Cutter (Trolly comes along with water attachment kit)
Trolley model For Model Part No.
DT2010 EK7301 394369600
DT4000 EK7650H / EK7651H 394369610
Water Attachment Kit only - for Trolley model DT2000
Water Attachment Kit
Trolley Model For Model Part No.
DT2000 water attachment kit for EK7301 / EK8100 394365602
Pressurised Metal Water Tank

Used with Power Cutter

The Pressurized Water Tank makes applications like wet cutting possible in areas where water is limited or unavailable.

Portable and Easy to Operate

Trolley model For Model Part No.
6 bar 10 Litres 957802600
Abrasive cut-off wheel for Power Cutter
Size (mm) Grit For Model Part No.
230 X 22.23mm Metal 230mm Power Cutter B-62913
300 X 20mm Metal 305mm Power Cutter B-70792
350 X 25.4mm Metal 350-355mm Power Cutter B-70839
350 X 25.4mm Stone 350-355mm Power Cutter B-70823
Diamond Wheels for Power Cutter
Makita Power CutterGraph
A: Standard / Segmented / General
B: Standard / Segmented / Concrete, Brick
C: Standard / Segmented / Concrete & Asphalt / Dry
D:Standard / Segmented / Asphalty
* 20,22.23,25.4 (Ring size)
D T X H d Color Type For Part No.
230 3.2 13 22.23   Green A 230mm Power Cutter E-02967
300 2.8 5 25.4 20 Silver A 305mm Power Cutter A-86773
300 2.8 6.5 30 20 Silver B 305mm Power Cutter A-89349
305 3 7.5 25.4 * Blue C 305mm Power Cutter / Angle Cutter A-02490
350 3.2 5 25.4 20 Silver A 350-355mm Power Cutter A-87317
350 2.88 6 25.4 - White D 350-355mm Power Cutter 966244011
350 3.2 7 25.4 - Silver B 350-355mm Power Cutter 966244030
The Diamond wheels for Power Cutter - Cosmos Series

• Premium universal application 3D Grid diamond blade
• Available with Stealth technology giving ultimate vibration and noise dampening for the best feel or with a reinforced centre and cooling holes for a fast and comfortable cut. Laser welded, wet and dry use.

D T X H d Color Type For Part No.
400 3 12 25.4 20 Red - 405mm Power Cutter B-13471
The Dia-duran Diamond Blades (Long Last runners)
DiaDuran blades have an enormous cutting capacity and thanks to a patented micro-fusion process have a much longer lifetime than diamond blades manufactured with conventional sintering techniques
A: <High Grade / Segmented / Asphalt>
B: <Standard / Segmented / Concrete, Brick>
D T X H d Color Type For Model Part No.
350 3.3 7 25.4 - Silver B 350-355mm Power Cutter 966344020
350 3 6.5 25.4 - Silver A 350-355mm Power Cutter 966344010
Rescue Force Blade
Every second counts when passengers have to be rescused from aeroplanes and trains. Now at last there is an efficient, tried and tested cutting disc that can cut open aeroplanes and high-speed trains and cut through crash barriers.
• The Diamond Rescue Force cutting disc cuts through all materials.
• It cuts effortlessly through alloys, steel, safety glass, concrete, carbon-fibre reinforced plastic armoured glass.
• The Rescue Force rescue disc has much bigger diamonds than traditional cutting discs.
• Rescue Force cuts to a depth of up to 125mm. It is fast and reliable where other cutting discs fail.
D T X H d Color Type For Model Part No.
350 3 - 25.4 - Gold - 350-355mm Power Cutter 966544060
Specialized / Vacuum brazed Rescue Diamond Wheel For Power Cutter / Grinders
• These diamond blades are used for resuce operation and can cuts various materials.
• Vacuum brazed diamond wheels are high durable and long-lasting.
• Extremely suitable for demolition work.
D T X H d Color Type For Model Part No.
230 3.1 4 22.23 - RED - 230mm Grinder & Power Cutter / Wet B-55326