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Makita Dual Mass
The new Makita easy-start system provides automatic inertia drive assistance created by a cam wound spring inside the cord reel that engages when the cord is tensed against the compression stroke of the engine. The lightest pull load on the cord when the engine flywheel is at stand still will activate the spring assistance and speed the crank through the compression stroke and ignition sequence into the combustion cycle.
Working with Chainsaws and other heavy outdoor power equipment can be a strain on anyone. Hours of using machinery can become uncomfortable and working with tougher than usual materials can create a lot of vibration, causing mishaps and possible health problems. Which is why Makita came up with the Dual Mass (M2M) system, a way to seperate equipment into two effective parts, one for comfort and the other for power
heavy_duty_spring     Easy_start     Housing     chain_brake  
Vibrations are damped with the aid of heavy-duty steel springs that are built to last. They take up very little space and are completely unaffected by oil or petrol, available in DCS4610 and DCS230T     Spring aided start, " Easy start".
Easy, one pull starting.
    Magnesium diecasting housing.
Light weight and rugged.
    Integrated chain brake with externally mounted sprocket. Mounting the sprocket externally makes it much easier to fit the chain and also facilitates cleaning of the whole chain area.