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  CXT Cordless Lithium-ion HR166D - Rotary Hammer  
    18+18v Garden Tools  
40V Max Lithium-ion
  Cordless 18V Li-ion Tools
One Battery System
  Cordless Garden Tools
Powered by 18+18V Li-ion Battery
  18V+18V Li-ion Cordless Multi Function Power Head
Model: DUX60
18V+18V Li-ion Cordless Chain Saw
Model: DUC400
  Makita Vacuum Cleaner With Auto Wireless System
Model: DVC864L
  Petrol Blower (MM4)
Model: EB5300TH
  Makita Cordless Cleaners
Powered by Li-ion Batteries
Accessories for Cleaners
Has Wide range of Accessories
  CXT Slide Battery tools
12v Max Li-ion Batteries
  CXT Li-ion Cordless Rotary Hammer   18V Li-ion Cordless Angle Grinder
        Model: HR166D (12V MAX Li-Ion)   Model: DGA454
18V Li-ion Cordless Oil Pulse Driver   18V Li-ion Cordless Circular Saw   18V Li-ion Cordless Drywall Cutter   18V Li-ion Cordless Caulking Gun
Model : DTS141   Model: DHS680   Model: DSD180   Model : DCG180
18V Li-ion Cordless Pin Nailer   Multi Tool   Plunge Cut Circular Saw   Metal Cutting Saw Blade
Model: DPT353   Cordless and Corded Multi Tools   Model : SP6000   High speed and High Quality
AVT - MAKITA      
AVT   Nemesis II Sds-Plus Drill bits   EFFICUT Saw Blade   Makita Hand Tools
Anti Vibration Technology   High Quality Drill bits   Specilaized for Cordless Tools
  Small Hand Toolsl Line-up

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