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18+18v li-ion
DHW080 - 18V+18V LXT - Li-ion Cordless Cordless High Pressure Washer
Technical Specification
Water Flow Rate High / Low: 5.5 / 4.0 L/min
Max Feed Volume 6.3 L/min
Max Permissible Pressure 8.0 MPa
Working Pressure High / Low: 5.5 / 3.0 MPa
Max Feed Temperature 40 °C
Max Suction Height 1 m
Max Run Time (min) w/ BL1850B x2: High / Low : 12.5 / 28
Hose Length 5 m
Dimensions (L x W x H) 438x218x269 mm
Net weight 7.7 kg
  • High performance with brushless motor. (Max Permissible Pressure: 8.0 MPa)
  • Supplied with 50L water tank.
  • Water tank can also be used as a storage case.
  • Water can be supplied not only from a faucet but also from a tank or bucket using self-suction hose set.
  • Self-priming function (with a max suction height of 1 m).
  • 2-pressure selection (High/ Low).
  • Excellent water-resistant performance allows to operate the machine even when it is wet with water as long as the battery cover is closed.
  • Clean wide range of applications with various attachments.
Standard Equipments
Trigger Gun, High Pressure Hose 5m, Suction Hose, Storage Box, Variospray Lance, Variable Nozzle, Absorption Connector, One Touch Joint.
Model Li-ion Battery Charger Other
DHW080PT2 2pcs of 18V LXT Battery, 5.0Ah 1pc (Two Port Charger) With Water Tank
DHW080ZK - - With Water Tank