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DGP180 - LXT Cordless Grease Gun (18V Li-ion)
Technical Specification
Max Operating Pressure 69 MPa (10,000 PSI)
Flow Rate

Slow Speed Mode: 145 mL/min (5.0 oz/min)

  Auto Speed Change Mode: 290 mL/min (10.0 oz/min)
Hose Length 120 cm (47-1/4")
Grease Capacity w/ Barrel A Cartridge / Bulk: 410 / 455 g (14.5 / 16.0 oz)
Dimensions (L x W x H) w/ Barrel A: 411x114x245 mm
Net weight 6.1 kg
  • Provides efficient grease lubrication for a wide range of applications
  • Mainly used for heavy machinery, farm machinery or any other large machinery such as greasing up, crawler track tensioning, etc.
  • Automatic change of flow rate (or dispensing speed)
    • Able to dispense grease at high pressure of 69MPa
    • Bulk grease is directly loadable into the barrel
    • Flexible hose enables easy operation even in tight places
    Standard Equipments
    Flexible Hose with adapter (Length: 1200mm), Barrel Assembly (410g grease cartridge),
    Model Battery Charger Carry case
    DGP180 RT 1pc of 5.0Ah, 18V Li-ion Battery YES (1pc) YES
    DGP180Z - - -

    Adapter Set (3pcs)
    Grease coupler to connect the flexible hose to the grease nipple of a machine to be lubricated (1/8" NPT connection)
    Part No. 191A78-1

    Angle Adapter Set
    90° grease coupler for hard-to-reach grease nipples
    Part No. 191A77-3

    Lock on Adapter Set
    Locking grease coupler for a more secure connection to the grease nipple of a machine
    Part No. 191A76-5

    Flexible Hose with adapter
    Length: 1200mm Part No. 191A79-9
    Length: 600mm Part No. 191A80-4

    Barrel Assembly
    Bulk grease is directly loadable into the barrel. Not only grease cartridges but also bulk grease in pail can be loaded direct into the barrel
    With 410g grease cartridge Part No. 191B12-7

    Cartridge Barrel
    Barrel with view windows designed for user to easily check what type cartridge is being used
    With 410g grease cartridge Part No. 191F24-4