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CL108FD - CXT Cordless Cleaner (12.V Max Li-ion)
Technical Specifications
Suction power 600mL
Max peak air flow 1.3m³ / min
Suction Power Max/ High/ Normal: 30/ 20/ 5W
Max sealed suction 4.4kPa
Continues use in minutes With BL1041B: Max/ High/ Normal: 20/ 24/ 50
Dimensions (L x W x H) 956x110x150 mm
Net Weight 1.2kg
  • Quiet cleaning operation in Commercial & Residential areas
  • Dust disposal can be cleaner and simpler with disposable paper dust bag.
  • LED battery power warning lamp.
  • T-nozzle with enhanced maneuverability.
  • Quick clean-ups with strong suction power
  • Push Button with 3-speed power selection (high/medium/low) and On /Off function for efficient operation
  • Standard Equipments
    Floor Nozzle, Sash Nozzle, Pipe, Filter, Prefilter
    2 electronic speedcxt18V LI-ION
    Available variants
    Models Colour Battery Charger Carry case
    CL108FD Z Blue - - -
    CL108FD ZW White - - -
    CL108FD SM Blue 1PC 4.0Ah
    1PC Fast Charger -
    CL108FD SMW White 1PCr 4.0Ah
    1PC Fast Charger -