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HG6531CK - Heat Gun
Technical Specification
Continuous rating Input 2,000W
Air Temperature (°C) / Flow (L/min) 50 - 650
  200 - 550 L/min
Dimensions (L x W x H) 253x85x205 mm
Net weight 0.72 kg
Power supply cord 2.0 m
  • New design with Preset function and liquid crystal display
  • 2,000W class
  • Temperature Settings / Adjustment interval : Push button switch / by every 50 C
  • Airflow setting: Push button / 5 stages
  • Preset function - Depending on intended use, you can recall the saved settings and easily set the temperature and air flow volume.
  • The name of each setting is displayed on the LCD screen.
  • Various optional nozzles
  • Key Symbols
    Double InsulatedVariable Speed
    Standard Equipments
    Includes various tyopes of nozzles. Comes with carry case.