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SK102Z - Cross Line Laser Level
Technical Specification
Horizontal line accuracy +/-0.3mm/m
Vertical line accuracy +/-0.3mm/m
Range 15m (30m with receiver)
Self levelling range +/-4°
Pulse mode w/detector Yes
Pendulum lock Yes
Out of level alarm Yes (visible)
Power source 3x AA batteries
Battery life 11hr (minimum)
Operating temp. range -10°C - +40°C
Storage temp. range -25°C - +70°C
Dust/water proof IP54
Dimensions (L x w x H) 102 x 75 x 102 mm
Net weight 475g
  • Horizontal and vertical self-leveling upto ±4°, when out of leveling range automatically switches off laser and shows warning light
  • Horizontal aligning: Convenient way to transfer reference points from one wall to another
  • Vertical aligning: The simple way to ensure that walls, floor, tiles, joints precisely meet one another
  • Can manually switch off the self-leveling feature using the lock function.
  • Alignments tasks such as marking out 90° angle are done at the touch of a button
  • Pulse functions allows you to locate the laser lines using a laser detector, even in very bright lighting conditions
  • Standard Equipments
    Soft bag, 3 AA batteries, Laser target plate and magnetic simple wall mount