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SK103PZ - 4 Point Cross Line Laser Level
Technical Specification
Measuring Range Up to 15mm (with detectorUp to 60mm)
Leveling accuracy ±3mm / 10m
Self-leveling range 4+-1 degrees
Horizontal fan angle 180 degrees
Vertical fan angle 180 degrees
Number of laser points 4
Number of laser lines 2
Laser type (Laser class 2) : 635nm
Operating temperature range -10 - 40 degrees
Storage temp. range -25 - 70 degrees
Tripod thread 1/4"
Dimensions (L x w x H) 0.53kg
Net weight 475g
  • Self-leveling combination cross-line/ Point laser
  • Can self-level all surfaces with a tolerance of +/-4.0 degrees and has an accuracy of +/-0.3 deg.
  • Line visibility up to 15m
  • Pulse function for long distance usage up to 60m (with detector)
  • Battery saving for interior / exterior applications due to pendulum lock & rugged housing
  • Versatile installation with adaptor
  • Standard Equipments
    Adapter (magnetic), Target plate, AA 1.5V batteries, Pouch with strap